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The IHC Beagle® is IHC Merwede’s newest development in dredging vessels. This new range of standard trailing suction hoppers is suited for all kinds of dredging jobs. Wheter it be maintenance dredging or capital dredging. The IHC Beagle® is able to do it all.


The IHC Beagle® has predefined option packages. These enable every customer to add functionality as they see fit. Thus creating a dredger that has best of both worlds. A competitive price, low delivery times and a perfect fit for the job.


The IHC Beagle® series

The IHC Beagle® series consists of three different sizes of standard trailing suction hoppers that have been designed using a modular approach to meet IHC Merwede's highest quality standards. This means that every IHC Beagle® can be fitted with optional packages to suit any type of dredging job.

Selection assistance

IHC Merwede is more than just a manufacturer of dredging equipment. Over the years we have accumulated vast experience with, and knowledge about, dredging from the Dredging Advisory Services (DAS), an IHC Merwede company. Through selection assistance, we will try to guide you through the process of selecting a dredger.

IHC Merwede support

During all stages of the vessel’s life-cycle, IHC Merwede remains committed to ensuring you have the best piece of dredging equipment for the job at hand. It may start with support in financing your new dredger and continue to the provision of training, operating assistance, spare part availability programs, maintenance and docking support.